Tuesday, 22 March 2011

21st March 2011 - Website

Lauren and I have now started to apply our design to iWeb.  As each page has the same layout we have made sure to apply this to every page.  We have also started to create our banners by drawing in the design for each page and scanning it in ready to be edited on photoshop.

We drew lots of designs we thought we could use for the logo on our website four our company name 'NewYou!'  We then created this on Illustrator by connecting the 'N' of the 'New' and the 'Y' of the 'You' connected with a heart inbetween - showing to have a healthy heart.  We are pleased with our design.  

With this, we added the logo to our banners.  Here are my edited banners.
 This is my Nutrition page banner.  The pun reads, "the only 'carrots' that interest me are the ones you get in a diamond"  Here I have drawn two carrots and a large diamond ring to add humour to the drawing.
 This is my Recipe page banner.  The pun reads, "A balanced diet is a cake in each hand!"  I used this pun because people would love to have a balanced diet of cakes, although people know that this can not be done!  Maybe I could have changed the colour background to look more exciting.
 This is my Diet page banner.  The pun reads, "I always start my diet on the same day; tomorrow!"  I used this because people always put off diets as they do not like the thought of missing out on food and snacks they normally eat.
This is my Forum/Questions & Answers page banner.  The pun reads, "Please God, if you can't make me skinny, make all my friends fat!"  I'm sure this is what most people wish for as they want to look good in front of their friends!

Overall, all of the puns on my banner are fairly humourous, attracting the audience.  I did not have many difficulties in creating the drawings on Photoshop and had a fun time making them.

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