Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Final marking

Charlie, have a look at the front page of my website. Your website is really high marks, but the blog is still a bit dull - no illustrations, pictures, charts and colour. Treat it as creative as well as factual. There are some problems with the font (EdwardianITC?) that you have used, and we need to work around this by taking screenshots and using them. A lot of browsers don't have that font available, and this causes problems.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

7th April 2011 - Checking

Finally, our website was complete!  We made sure we checked every link worked effectively and was brought to the front.  We proof read the information on every page to check for spelling and grammar mistakes and made sure the text and images were aligned.  Our website is complete!  
Here are print screens of my four pages:

Above is my nutrition page - I used orange to colour coordinate with the carrots in my banner as I thought this looked effective.  The picture of the fruit represents nutrition and we edited this in photoshop.  
To the right is my Recipe page with our video present at the top containing our weekly recipe.  We thought this was a good idea as the audience can do this themselves, interacting with them and we made a smoothie because the audience could add in their own fruit to preference.  

Above is the Diet page with a humourous quote at the top as it relates to most women.  The picture is of a stomach with a tape measure as women are always concerned with their weight and appearance.  To the right is the Forum or Question and Answers page where there is a large box for our audience to as questions that are answered by professionals - or Dr NewYou! 

As you can see the layout looks consistent throughout and the creative banners add an exciting feel to the website.  Overall, I am pleased with my outcome.

4th-6th April 2011 - Links and Advertisement

Today we added links and articles to every page on the left hand column, for example, on the recipe page I added Jamie Oliver's website as a link as this may be useful to visitors.  To make the website look more realistic, we added an advertisement in the right hand column for Weight Watchers.   This was consistent throughout and made the website look complete.
Here is a print screen of our left hand column on one of our pages - as you can see, in our rollovers we use complimentary colours.

On the right hand column we added a 'WeightWatchers' advertisement taking the audience straight to the Weight Watchers website.  Here is our advertisement:


4th April 2011 - Html

After all of our text was included on the website, we added any extra html's we needed such as contact boxes and a BMI calculator for the weight page.  We also attached search engines on every page in the top right hand corner of the banner as, after doing our website research, we thought a search engine is relevant for every website.  Here is an image of the search engine.

Here is our HTML BMI calculator.

31st March 2011 - Text and Information

As our design was complete, we now needed to look up information for each page and decide how much and what text would be relevant.   We made sure the text and size was the same throughout the website to keep it consistent.  We used the font Futura throughout.
Here is an example of the text on the Nutrition page:

We added a 'splash' to show attract the audience to show the new pages as we thought this was an effective way in engaging our audience as their eyes are automatically placed on this.

27th March 2011 - Story Board

Today Lauren and created a story board for our video that we decided would be suitable for the recipe page.  We didn't want to make the video too long, so the visitor would become uninterested, so we made a 'one-minute movie' with an easy recipe, which we decided to make a healthy smoothie.

Here is our storyboard and video:

25th March 2011 - Photographs

After editing our banners on photoshop, we started to create shotlists for our images that were going to be included on the website.   We edited these on photoshop to create shadow and perfect lighting for the image.  Here are a few of the images we used.

(all first-hand photos)

We thought these images were suitable for the website and they were relevant to the pages we decided to place them on.