Wednesday, 9 February 2011

8th-9th February 2011 - Research into websites

On the 8th and 9th of February, we started to research into a variety of websites for our campaign.  We print screened and annotated sections by using subject terminology and wrote a short report based on our analysis and findings.
 We researched 4 websites with 2 pages on each. 
Here is part of our research.

7th February - Planning the main website

In our lesson today, we read what the exam board expected:
“produce a campaign website including sound and video for a campaign (eg political, health, charity, environmental). The site should include a logo, original photographs, (minimum four per candidate), written text, audio, video and easy navigation. If done as a group task, each member of the group to produce at least four pages for the site, following the same house style."
After taking this in to account, we got in to our groups, Lauren Jackett and I, and began to make initial notes on our intentions.  Lauren and I decided to base our website on health and about living a healthy lifestyle.

6th February - Media page on preliminary website

After completing the home page of my preliminary website, I began to create the Media page.  I decided to include the video on this page as I thought it was relevant and included information about the Media Studies department at Copperfield School.  I took first hand photos, editing these slightly in Photoshop and included these on the Media page.  I made sure the banner present on the home page was also present on the Media page to continue the theme throughout the website.  I included links back to other pages at the side for easy navigation for the visitor.
Here is a preview of what my Media Studies page looks like:

Here is the video for you to watch:

4th February - iWeb continued

I continued working on my preliminary website, making sure relevant information was included including announcements, useful links and a welcome from the Headteacher.  I have now finished the home page for my school website, attaching links to blank pages, but will now need to do the Media page for the school website, continuing on my website's colour theme, keeping the navigation bar present on all pages.

5th February - Media page on preliminary website

I then planned my media page for my preliminary website, making the theme similar to that of the homepage to make the website consistent, but planning where the information and pictures were going to go.

31st January - iWeb continued

I have now nearly finished my preliminary website.  Today I worked on photoshop to create my school logo and school title.  I experimented with different effects (for example to create a shadow) and attached this to my website.  I now need to add photos or a video before completing the home page for my school website.
Here is a picture of my school logo.

28th January - iWeb continued

Today I continued on my website, now adding colour and text to my page to make it look exciting.  The colour I used is different from my original page layout colour as I feel I needed slightly more subtle colours as the website is to be generally for parents and too bright a colour may be off-putting.

27th January 2011 - Developing my website

After experimenting on iWeb previously, I started to create my preliminary website my following my page layout I hand drew.  For the first lesson on working on my website, I started to arrange the boxes around the page, making sure they were aligned so it looked neat.

26th January 2011 - Setting up iWeb

Today we learnt how to use a new program called 'iWeb'.  This is the program we will use for our preliminary website so we began to experiment with the different things we could do in order to create our website.