Thursday, 3 March 2011

3rd March 2011 - Survey

Today, Lauren and I created a survey to collect information for our website. This included demographics and psychographics to find out what different members of the public are like and would want to see on a health website. Questions included: "What would you like to see on a Health website?", "Do too many people rely on fast food?" and statements such as: "Fad diets are overrated." We are going to hand this survey to 30 people and analyse our findings when all surveys are completed. This will help us on what to include on our website and how to attract all age groups.

Here is our survey:

From our survey, we found that the thing our audience wanted healthy recipes, how to lose weight and useful diets (as seen in the pie chart below) so, therefore, we decided we will include a diet, recipe and exercise page for useful information for the viewer.

More findings from our survey to take into consideration for our website are whether fad diets are overrated - so we could consider what type of diets the audience would like us to include.  Here are our findings.  

Lastly, we thought it would be useful to find what our audience would like to see on a health website.  Although drink driving was our highest factor, we thought that because fitness was one of the lowest, it would be important to bring the importance of this to the audience's attention as Britain as a community is becoming overweight.  We will also include little amounts of information for sexual health, woman well-being and anti-smoking.  
The survey has helped to give us ideas on what we will include for our website and aim to suit our audience.

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