Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1st March 2011 - Brief for Main Website

After researching many websites relating to our topic, Lauren and I came up with a brief for our main website.  Here is our brief showing what our website will include:
For our website, we are going to produce a campaign website about health.  Our website will be about living a healthy lifestyle, teaching people how to eat well and encouraging them to exercise more.  Our website will include bright colours and exciting informational pictures.  We will also include a video, perhaps interviewing a personal trainer or someone who leads a healthy lifestyle.  Here is a list of the pages we will include: a home page, nutrition, recipes for healthy meals, ways to exercise, a forum for visitors to ask questions, weight (BMI, calorie counting etc), diets, a contact us page.  We will invent a company name and create a logo suitable for the topic.  The navigation bar will be present on every page for easy navigation for the visitor of the website, however the picture present on the banner at the top of the page will be different for every page, relating to the particular page showing a consistent layout.

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