Saturday, 9 April 2011

7th April 2011 - Checking

Finally, our website was complete!  We made sure we checked every link worked effectively and was brought to the front.  We proof read the information on every page to check for spelling and grammar mistakes and made sure the text and images were aligned.  Our website is complete!  
Here are print screens of my four pages:

Above is my nutrition page - I used orange to colour coordinate with the carrots in my banner as I thought this looked effective.  The picture of the fruit represents nutrition and we edited this in photoshop.  
To the right is my Recipe page with our video present at the top containing our weekly recipe.  We thought this was a good idea as the audience can do this themselves, interacting with them and we made a smoothie because the audience could add in their own fruit to preference.  

Above is the Diet page with a humourous quote at the top as it relates to most women.  The picture is of a stomach with a tape measure as women are always concerned with their weight and appearance.  To the right is the Forum or Question and Answers page where there is a large box for our audience to as questions that are answered by professionals - or Dr NewYou! 

As you can see the layout looks consistent throughout and the creative banners add an exciting feel to the website.  Overall, I am pleased with my outcome.

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